There was once a quote by Brian Falkner that went like” Life is like a book. There are good chapters and there are bad chapters. But when you get to a bad chapter, you don’t stop reading the book! If you do then you never get to find out what happens next” Based on this description of life and as a student of life I am inclined to ask what is life? Why does life even exist? Do we exist because life is there or does life exist because we are there?

As a young ambitious student of life I can confidently and comfortably say that life could be what we define it to be. Our definition of life is what determines how we live our life and even though we define it in a good way or positive for that matter, we should prepare to make and learn from our own mistakes for there is no perfection in life. We all have defined what life is either in a conscious or unconscious state but we all have our different opinions.

To me life depends more on the choices we make rather than the problems and experiences we have. It is the choices we make that create the problems and experiences we encounter and just like a test full of multiple choices its us to decide what choice to make since we cannot always have it both ways.

Speaking of choices we all know that they are influenced by very many factors. Depending on the situation and circumstances that we find ourselves in we make both good and bad choices. The people around also contribute to the choices we make and that’s why I do believe that in life it can be a mistake and never a coincidence but there has to be a reason why we meet people and for either good or bad reasons they might be the reason as to why we change or not. Its a choice we make in the people we invite in our lives.

Goals in life are endless and problems will always exist because I think its part of what life is ups and downs and our main job will always remain to provide solutions or to despair. To be honest with everyone else out there and myself I have not yet survived in life but it just dawned on me that all there is in life is to keep on improving it and making it better. This is what change is all about its a continuous process in life and there will always be a puzzle left for us to answer.

We all have to agree that right now more than ever we need more change makers. We need to help one another and not just criticize one another and that’s why we are blessed with different talents and skills that we acquire. Yes we cannot all change the world we live in but we can have a few people who are working to better it. We can have few people whom help others and those others help other few people because again its a continuous process of improvement.

More problem solvers are needed than we have problem creators. We create our own problems and leave others to solve them for us. This individual problems later on become societal problems and this challenges are what hinder growth and development as a society. Let’s make the choices that can work out well for us and get inspired by change. For that matter was there any specific reason or original goal as to why we humans exist?

Escaping the reality just for once

Honestly, I must start by saying that reality is inevitable and most of what we do day in day out in our lives is based on the reality of how the situations or circumstances are. They say that the perception of reality happens to be more real than the reality itself and I cannot agree less to say that reality is based on how we perceive It to be. But what if we escape reality, what if we just sit down in one of the fine chilly calm mornings and look up to the blue sky and be thoughtless just for once.

I believe that sometimes in life its best to escape the reality of life itself. The reality of life is that everyone is normally busy doing what they have to do to survive in their lives. The problem is that by thinking and doing what every one else is doing, we might never really know what we are good at, what our passions and purposes are. Acting like others often leads to desperate moves and we all know what desperate needs calls for.

Reality checks are real and we cannot deny for a fact that sometimes we are forced to act without rethinking due to the situations we find ourselves in believing and hoping that everything will fall into its rightful place. But is living in hopes all there is to life? I don’t really think so because in my own opinion living in hopes is just like assuming luck will find us and what I believe is that luck never really finds us rather we create it.

Simply all I am saying is that at times we should learn to ignore all the facts out there, all the complains and think about nothing for a second except for ourselves. The best way I think one can do this is through meditation which brings us back to the present. We are used to thinking about the problems we have out there such that we forget that we have the air we breathe in for free that is neither taxable nor paid for. The fresh air brings our memories back to the present and makes us think for ourselves.

In my own world view, I would say that no one was meant to survive and struggle their whole life because of reality. No one was born knowing how the world would be for them we just learnt it from the people around us and the people constitute of the world. We all have equal opportunities that would work out for all of us and its for us to figure which ones as Steve jobs once said “we should learn to connect the dots and the dots can only be connected looking backwards and not forward.

Once again I believe we should all take a break, escape the reality and listen to our intuitions while being thoughtless and relaxed. Let’s decide for ourselves what we think would work out for us. For that matter who are we?